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Lab Clinical Tests

Laboratory tests are part of a routine checkup to look for changes in your health. They can help determine a diagnosis, plan treatment, check to see if treatment is working or monitor the disease over time.
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Health Checkup

People often think they only need a check up when they are feeling unwell. Regular health exams and tests help to assess your overall health and to identify your risk factors for disease. Health checkups for employees can help curb absenteeism and improve productivity. Many companies run extensive annual health checkups to ensure their workforce is healthy. It also promotes a positive force in the office and ensures a pleasant work environment. Read More

X-Ray (Radiography)

An X-ray is a quick and painless procedure commonly used to produce images of the inside of the body. It’s a very effective way of looking at the bones and can be used to help detect a range of conditions. X-rays are carried out by trained specialists called radiographers. Read more

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Instant measurements of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and toxic metals with the use of an Oligoscan. This analysis is a quick, precise, non-invasive and pain-free process that produces real-time results.
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Home Sample Collection
For those who can not come to our lab personally for whatever reasons, we have an unique service to brings healthcare right to the doorstep of needy patients. Home sample collection service is another initiative to get closer to our patients. Please contact us for details.